Give yourself the opportunity to grow and glow. Let go of what doesn't serve you anymore. Become a new version of you and start a new chapter in life. Connect with your hearts deepest longing and the song of your soul. Embrace who you really are and share your unique gifts with the world. Anything is possible when you open up for the changes.

I will help you discover your goals, release resistance and blockages and 
I will guide you through different techniques to create your desired life.
​And I can follow you along the way.

If & when you are ready, just 1 session can be lifechanging.

"We genuinly love to help our clients discover their true gifts and desires and create visions and solutions for all areas of life". 

Are you wondering who the person in the mirror is? Have you forgotten your dreams in life? Are you questioning your value to others? Does your life drain you of energy instead of filling you up?

If you have been putting your needs, desires and visions aside it's time to put them first, now. 

Are you ready to start living a life of success for yourself?

"Loving and serving yourself first is the only way to deeply and truly do the same for others..."


...Dropping the expectations of other people and shifting into a deeply confident man or woman, exactly knowing what your soul wants to be and do without fear of telling people so.

...Breaking up for good with:

  • the patterns and habits that may please others but not allow you to grow
  • always giving more to feel worthy of love and respect but not being fully you and putting your desires last.

Instead live deeply rooted in your heart and share accordingly.

Awaken to your authenticity and own your true voice and rise into the sacred, sovereign woman or man who lives exactly the way you want without feeling guilt or shame. 

Leave victimhood and insecurity behind as you say YES to your joy, beauty and uniqueness.

Raise your frequency and hold back no more!



Empowering Women & Men To Live Life Fully 

Giving Guidance and Support On The Journey To Create A New Chapter & Stay Balanced And Connected While Learning A New Deeply Enjoyable Way Of Living 





 Toryn’s clearsightedness, deep listening and calmness has made me feel seen and starting to see myself. I haven’t met this warmth with other coaches or therapeuts. I've been clearly guided in how to get conscious about the ways and patterns I’ve been stuck in for such a long time in my life and I have regained hope and the power to create change in my life.




Toryn has given me tools that have changed my life on every level! I have learned how to get clear on my desires and standing in my power. For me it shortened the process time by years!! I have so much energy and feel so much lighter. I have cleared out my belongings, using the KonMari method as Toryn tought me. I now know my ability to create what I really want, like a beautiful home where my energy can flow! The knowledge Toryn has shared with me is invaluable. I am forever grateful

Elisabeth J.

I am feeling clear and determined about my professional goals and able to tackle my responsibilities with trust and curiosity. Toryn has awakened me to big AHA moments with new visions of possibilities that lay open in front of me. Toryn is naturally connected to a place from where truth is regenerated and from where it can be mirrored back. She is different in her way of working also by her methods, always going to the root cause. Not just intellectually but as being on earth coming into expression. She goes all the way and cuts the crap.

If you consider getting on a program with Toryn… buckle up, prepare for life enhancing, life changing perspectives. Embrace your bravery and open up to the opportunity.



Ditch self-sabotage and become embodied in your purpose, light and true power. Create a luscious, limitless life that sparks joy and sets your soul on fire!